When making your own packaging is almost as fun as making the thing itself....


I cannot be alone in this but I find thoughtful packaging to be the first step in a lovely experience with something I’ve purchased. Lovely materials and well-thought out design that is a part of a whole, a complete ‘brand’ experience....its kind of like how you eat with your eyes first? 

I made the stamps myself and use them to stamp the bags and boxes that I ship the earrings etc in. I don’t know if anyone notices or not—but I do!  Making it all, putting it all together, thinking about the person who purchased it....it’s a nice feeling. And I’m after all the nice feelings I can dredge up these days. I put a lot of thought into and possibly more than I should. But if it makes a difference at all to the customer then, obviously, it’s worth it. 


Mary Catherine 

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