Who are you?

I’m an actress and life-long artist, mostly self-taught. I spent 20+ years between Los Angeles and NYC and moved to Virginia a few years ago which is when I started focusing on art full time. If you want to know more of my deets you can read more in the “about me” page here

Why is everything sold out?

This is a one-person show here—it’s just me! So my output is limited to what I can do by myself. If something is listed as “ready to ship” then that item is—you guessed it—ready to ship. Other items are made to order and will have a lead time (see below). You can find out about shop updates by joining my mailing list here and also following me on IG: @marycgarrison and @mcgflashsale

What is “lead time” and why does it take so long? 

Pottery takes time. Clay needs to dry slowly. There’s two firing processes and I build and paint everything by hand. I say 4-6 weeks for a piece to be shipped but I do try to be faster. 

What is your pottery process?

I build almost all of my pieces by hand. I don’t throw on a wheel. If a piece or a set needs consistency (for example a set of tumblers), then I have a fellow potter throw them for me. Otherwise it’s all an improv. Whatever the medium I’m working in in the moment—I am not seeking perfection. It’s just not my jam. I’m forever chasing that joy of being out of my head and in the moment and just letting it flow. It just feels so good! So I don’t use any patterns or stencils, I don’t pre-plan what I’m painting, beyond approximating a pattern idea. Because of that—each and every piece is different and unique and that is intentional. 

All of the glazes I use are food safe and lead-free.

Hand-washing is recommended. 

How do you ship?

For US orders I ship via UPS. Everything is packed extremely carefully and in a double-walled box and insured. Shipping prices are found on the product’s description pages. 

For International orders I like to use USPS Or FedEx.

I am not responsible for customs charges. 

Do you accept returns? 

The idea of any customer being unhappy with a piece of mine guts me. I really want you to love it! If for some reason the piece doesn’t work for you, I will take it back. Customer is responsible for return shipping costs. If an item arrives broken, I will replace it ASAP. 

 Do you sell wholesale?

I do have a couple of wholesalers I am currently working with but because its just me I have to limit how many I can work with. It may be that one day I expand, but for now I like it the way it is. 

Do you take commissions?

I do take commissions when I can. If I’m in the middle of a large order, it may be that time won’t allow me to take anymore on. Pottery is very unpredictable, though! You open that kiln and never really know what you’re going to see. That makes it really fun, and surprising! 


If you have any other questions you need answered you can use this form and I’ll get back to you ASAP.